Basking in peace
Basking in peace

Basking in peace

Hi friends 🤍

The raining and sunny season is finally upon us and I am so excited for the festive season, I never thought that I would actually make this far this year and just in time for Black Friday in South Africa – I just want to spend all of my money and Black Friday is the perfect excuse. It’s well deserved and I hope you are also spending time with yourself and also spoiling yourself when necessary.

How are you feeling now that we are nearing closer to the end of the year? 

I feel content , surprisingly. It’s not a feeling I feel often and it feels amazing. 

That let me reflect on just how much I went through this year and everything that I also have been through since it has started. The tears, the discomfort, the happiness, the sadness. 

Suddenly I’m on the other side and it’s starting to feel amazing. I feel like myself again.

But there’s definitely a need for self-introspection and journaling because it’s been a very difficult year to process. And if you are battling year-end fatigue I genuinely get it because this has not been an easy year either. I am so sorry that you have experienced such a difficult time. 

We made it through, we made it to the other side where the weather is warmer and things are almost easier.

We will try again next year, for now give yourself grave and pat yourself on the shoulder for how far you have come. You have tried and to me you’re the best thing to ever happen.

I want to you to love and live for the rest of this year. It’s what you deserve.

Till next time🌸🌸