Healing Remedy: Poetry
Healing Remedy: Poetry

Healing Remedy: Poetry


I have been into literature since I had been in high school, I never really minded it nor had I ever thought I’d want to be a writer/blogger/poet by the time I’m in my twenties… and the first book that changed all of that was “the perks of being a wallflower”.

I remember reading the book and 16 year old me was starstruck. I don’t know which one had the most impact on me, falling in love with words perfectly written or that this book could help 16 year old me heal and realise that sometimes being an outcast was okay, that sometimes It’s okay to get stuck on words because your mind keeps racing. The book made me feel okay and accepted.

So I started writing, I wrote poetry, screenplays, I tried write a book (but I really had no patience with that). I never got to see them through because I had never ever intended to share them with other people but the more I wrote, I always felt free – I felt unjudged and so whole. And that’s how words became my healing. My healing became summarising my hurt on a poem with my heart aching and tears running down my face as gut wrenching as this may sound but it felt good. It felt good finding a safe space to turn your misfortunes and mental challenges to art, to your art.

This is how my life has been put together in and out of these slumps. I’d put off writing until my life feels like a nightmare again(I should really stop doing that) but I love the feeling I get when I start reconnecting with my heart once more. I love the feeling of reassuring myself through words that I too am enough – even when I hardly believe it. I love the feeling of getting lost in my thoughts and I write a poem that relieves me off my misery.

I guess what I wanted to say in this blog is that I love writing, I love poetry and I love words and my art has gotten me to a point where I’m so comfortable with being vulnerable in it with everyone without being ashamed of it and this has really changed the way I feel and do things.

So now let’s talk, what’s your favourite thing that you love doing that makes you feel brand new everytime?


  1. I can completely relate to that feeling of writing. For me, the one thing that truly makes me feel free, is probably journaling. I have forced myself to start writing in a journal over the last couple of months. Not everyday, but every time I felt inspired and wanted to remember a moment, or a day, or even something someone said to me. There’s something so infinite about handwritten notes and recapping your day in writing as oppose to a blog post. It makes me feel…alive almost? Strange how writing can do that huh?

  2. It’s just so strange how great handwriting a piece is. I find that sometimes I run out of words when I type but pen and paper have never forsaken me. I found myself smiling while I was reading this blog post, crazy how I see myself in it. Thank you 🙂

  3. Wow i relate. Writing has become my escapade, sometimes Its the only way to express how I feel. Reading blog posts also makes me feel alive, am new in this world of blogging but I stumbled upon your insta page and I knew I had found a friend.

    I felt inspired immediately and that led me to my first blog post.
    WordsbyLindi you have definitely awakened the dying fire inside of me

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