Self Care activities for a busy schedule
Self Care activities for a busy schedule

Self Care activities for a busy schedule

Hi guys! I’m back with another blog and I’d like to share self care activities for a busy schedule.

Many of us have very busy schedules and sometimes we have to wait until we have free time in order for us to take care of ourselves but that shouldn’t be the case, we can still take care of ourselves even when we are busy, and here’s how:

Have a morning routine

Morning routines are the first step to our busy days and why not make it the best thing to start your day? You can start the day by stretching, reminding yourself for what you’re grateful for and have your favourite breakfast or have your favourite tea, it’s guaranteed to make you feel lighter.

Do not neglect yourself

You shouldn’t neglect yourself because you are busy, give yourself 5 minutes to take deep breathes, give yourself water breaks and try to take small walks in between your schedule.

Switch off your electronic devices after the day is over

The time you have most to yourself is when you finish with the day, when your day ends; your work also ends. Prioritize your alone time where you can process your thoughts, you can sit by yourself and be still. You should allow yourself rest when you need it.

Reward yourself 

You can reward yourself in anyway you see fit after a long day. You can binge watch your favorite show, you can run yourself a bath, you can play video games or treat yourself to a movie night with your favourite dish and wine. Do what feeds your soul.

Get enough rest

Try to get enough rest, it may be difficult because you might have anxiety about the next busy day, but meditate before bed so you can try to fall asleep easier, getting enough rest will grant you enough energy for the day, so you can show up for yourself.

That’s it from me! Let’s take care of ourselves 💛



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