How I keep myself grounded through meditation
How I keep myself grounded through meditation

How I keep myself grounded through meditation

be still.

By Lindiwe

Meditation plays a huge part in my spiritual path and who I want to be in emotionally and mentally. Meditation has helped me with relaxing and calming myself down when I needed to the most. As somebody who goes through a lot of depressive and anxious episodes, mediation, yoga and music have helped me through the darkest times in my life and I will always be grateful that I can look and applaud myself for overcoming those feelings of self doubt and inadequacy.

These are the methods that I use to stay calm and help process my thoughts and feelings better:


I am no yoga professional πŸ™‚ but I love how it makes me feel so much connected to my body than I usually do. I love moving my body (but I hate gym, pls), I love how I can caress my body and give it the most attention and still feel active and sane doing it. It relaxes my thoughts, my body and my muscles. Lovely way to reconnect with your body.

Listening to your surroundings

It’s always amazing to be in touch with what makes you feel alive and whole again, and sometimes, listening to the birds chirp, people laugh or just pay attention to the breeze, or catching the sunset can help feel whole with where you are and feeling more present and being in the moment.

Take a walk

You probably thinking the “take a walk” brigade is up and you probably just want to log off but give me chance? Please? Thank youπŸ™‚. This is probably the most used grounding technique and you know what? It works each and every time. Walking and feeling the ground on your feet can help you process your thoughts and your days better. It can help you introspect and feel better.

Use Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques really help keep me calm, I do deep breaths in and out, focusing on my breathe to release any tension or negativity that I want to get rid of! There are a lot more techniques you can find on the internet or YouTube!


Laughter is the best way I relieve stress, we hardly take for granted what little laughs here and there can do for our mood and mental health. You can always get those best chuckles by watching your favourite comedy show, or just having great chat with people that you love. Laughing is really the greatest thing ever.

Imagine myself at a place of peace

I always imagine myself at peace, through meditation, I always want to see myself living a still calm life. I always want tranquility, peace and a lot of love. And I try to surround myself with that and I want that for myself so I’ll keep imagining it and actively act towards the peace and love that I want.

These are just some of the ways I try to improve myself and my mental health. I hope they can help you in anyway!🌱✨


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