How I step into my favourite self
How I step into my favourite self

How I step into my favourite self

by Lindiwe

It has always been my favourite thing to say “Step into your highest self” but now it is definitely “Step into your favourite self’’ I felt as though this saying gave me space to be whoever I wanted whenever I wanted, and in this season I wanted to be the best version of myself so I started giving myself more time to breathe and feel, I explored new fashion trends like bold knitwear (shopping for fluffy knitwear online is my new obsession right now),meditating more and buying and reading new books (those are two different types of hobbies I would like to clarify!😊), but without further ado let me get into the post!

Giving myself more time to breathe and feel.

Life has been hectic the past few weeks, but for me it has been hectic since this year has started, I have been focusing on the next big thing and not really giving myself time to take in life and just ow much I have achieved as a person and I have been doing more of that celebrating myself, cheering myself on, and being grateful. Clearing your mind and space, while being kind to yourself in the process does wonders to how you look at life further and it can help with new challenges and setting new goals for yourself.

Exploring new Fashion trends

I am not exactly a fashion trendy person, but this winter season has been amazing fashion wise, seeing fluffy knitwear online, chunky boots, fluffy loungewear, pastel colour sweatpants, crewneck sweaters, all new obsessions!

The saying “when you look good, you feel good” is quite true and I have been experiencing that myself, putting effort into your image will do wonders to how you feel about yourself and how you look at yourself, it helps manifest that favourite self you want beyond who you currently are. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself, start small and choose yourself every chance that you get.


This method of calming myself down has been the best at improving my mental health and clearing myself of negative thoughts and self-doubt. It is so easy to get caught up in everything like being on social media more than you should, taking in too many thoughts and opinions and it gets harder for you to distinguish what is real and what is not.

So, grounding myself through mediation has been my best alternative to better happy thoughts and more intentional days. I always thrive to be a better version of myself emotionally and honestly, it does make me happy that it helps me emotionally and mentally too.

Reading and Buying new books

Oh, my goodness, before we go any further can we just agree that buying books and reading them are two different hobbies? Please, for my sake? Thank you.😊

Now I can continue, I have been the biggest fan of reading but as I got older and life got hectic between university life, work life, social life I have been doing less and less of that and as time went by, I just felt like I am just losing a part of myself and I just knew I had to decide.

So, I just started collecting electronic books (no, I did not read them – they were collected to make me feel better about myself! 😊) and luckily that worked but no – it wasn’t enough I needed more, I needed more responsibility, and I started buying hard copies and daring myself to read them in a certain period of time and that helped me regain my time and also, I felt more in control of what I want to consume and what I do not want to consume, and that helped me reconnect with the “me” that I thought I had abandoned.

And that is how I have been able to reconnect with myself while improving my emotional and mental state and I hope that you do the same, I hope you give yourself a break, celebrate yourself at every season of your life, be kinder to yourself and others, take walks and get in touch with your friends, buy those clothes and sneakers, but most importantly remember that you are human and that you have to chance to reinvent yourself whenever you need to –make that change and be the best person for you.

Til next time, take care!😊