Remember to love, appreciate and laugh
Remember to love, appreciate and laugh

Remember to love, appreciate and laugh

By Lindiwe

Hi guys! I’m back with another blog and I wanted this one to be a bit personal. I hope you guys are doing okay!

So as we know we are in our second year into a pandemic and for me personally it has been the most challenging time for me emotionally, I was tested in the most unimaginable way to a point where I lost sight of myself, who I am and where I wanted to be in life.

It’s so easy to live in your head when life is a bit harder to you, when life hardly makes sense, when you feel helpless and hopeless. It’s very normal to be sad about life being way harder than normal to you. It’s okay to not comprehend how life is treating you.

And that’s how I’ve felt the last few months, in my head, in constant battles between my mind and heart that I had completely forgotten how to live. It’s honestly the most annoying thing ever to live through life by just surviving and getting through everyday, where it feels like it’s you and your thoughts and life just passes you by.

I got to a point where I could no longer take the agony of living in black and white and I just wanted to live again and it dawned on me that the little things are what makes me happy, yes getting my own apartment or car would make me happy but for how long will it make me happy if my soul is not happy?

I chose to find joy in the simple things, like being able to take care of myself, solving a complex problem, chatting with a friend, telling my partner that I love them were the things I realised I cannot take for granted.

If there’s anything I learned about depression is that it consumes your mind so much that the simple joys of life can seem so small, so tedious not realising that those simple joys can make us feel much more alive, I want us to feel more alive.

I want us to appreciate every single thing we have, I want to us to appreciate the people in our lives, I want us to be grateful for the opportunities that we get, life can be so beautiful.

We can get caught in the trap of wanting the big picture without appreciating the process and then we can find it so hard to celebrate the small wins because we are so focused on the big wins.

Be proud of yourself because you are doing amazing, celebrate yourself because you’re doing all you can, love yourself because you’re so precious, hold on to what you have because you’re here to experience them.

let’s live, love and laugh.

stay grateful, you’re precious ๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŒ…