Let’s meditate and journal
Let’s meditate and journal

Let’s meditate and journal

By Lindiwe

We in a new season now and it may not be the season I enjoy because I really don’t like the cold and I don’t outdoors as much, but as usual I have been trying to get more items in my wardrobe to layer and I am trying to explore more tops to layer for warmth and comfort. I may not like the cold season, but I most definitely do like the fashion because it so easy to look good effortlessly.

Now that we are in a new season I have been getting into the habit of meditating and journaling more because I believe that it is a time of reconnection and getting back to self and it has made a big difference in my mood and my sleeping patterns as I feel much lighter as I explore difficult emotions.

This is the way that I use my journal prompts to get the best from my journaling sessions, I have themes that I use to reflect which are:
Love in romantic relationships and friendships where I reflect on my traits in love and grace when around my friendships and how these friendships make me a better person, reflect on how they make you feel, reflect on how grateful you are for them and how you can better the current relations that you currently have.
The prompts that you can try for these are:

  1. How do your loved ones make you feel?
  2. What characteristics do you value most in your relationships?
  3. How do you show love and grace to others?
  4. What do boundaries look like in your friendships?
    Lately I have been reflecting on my career and I have been thinking about how my current job feels and how I can better get satisfaction from my job without leading to burnout, anxiety, and stress.
    These are the prompts that I use when I think of journaling about my job and career:
  5. How do I use my personal strengths to my advantage?
  6. How does my job environment make me feel?
  7. What are my career ambitions?
    I think growth is a great part of what makes us better people and it is important that we feel fulfilled in what we do so we can be motivated to keep improving in every way that we can.
    Lastly to help with the above the journal prompts self-reflection helps a lot because you will be able to be truthful in your thoughts and emotions and that helps with holding yourself accountable each time.
    The prompts that I explore with regards to self-reflection are:
  8. What is important to me and what do I hold very close to my values and beliefs?
  9. What do you appreciate most about who you are? What parts of you are hard to accept?
  10. What would like to change about yourself?
    This is the most I have been focusing on since the winter has started and I hope that I add more prompts to my journaling as I haven’t been doing this in a while, I hope this helps you too!
    See you again soon!❤️