My Favourite Parts about Winter
My Favourite Parts about Winter

My Favourite Parts about Winter

By Lindiwe

Many may not seem too fond of winter because of the low temperatures, colds or just the fact that they do not go out as much, I have a few of my favourite winter moments that get me through the winter and let us get to it!

  1. Fashion!
Pictures from Superbalist

Winter fashion is my most favourite part of fashion because there is so much to explore, I love wearing layers and layers of clothing I will not lie but I love winter fashion specifically for the warm colours, earth tones, coats, skirts, and boots. I am a big fan of dresses in the summertime but a bigger fan of skirts in the wintertime. I love skirts that you can wear with boots, sneakers, or with coats, currently Superbalist has all my favourite skirts in stock, and I am feasting! You can check them out and you can see all that I am talking about!

  • Coffee Dates

One thing about me? I love spending intimate, quiet time with my loved ones and coffee dates are the best thing on earth for me – the catching up, the venting, little laughs in between and the warm and love that comes with this moment is beautiful.

  • The Sunsets

Yes, I know the best sunsets come in the summertime but hear me out in the winter too! I love watching the sunset in winter while I have had a whole day and I just gaze at the sky and I am in awe of how subtle and calm the skies are blending in with the sun, the sunsets are almost unnoticeable, but I love paying attention, those sunsets remind me even in every season you can bloom, even when you are not yet in the spotlight.

  • Quiet Adventures

I always use winter to focus more on my book adventures, I put myself up to the adventure of finding new books preferably romance, poetry or a little thriller and I put myself up to the test of finishing as many books before the next season starts. I usually call it my cute little adventure because it is the time, I put myself to the test of exploring something that I love dearly.

  • Self-Reflection
Picture: Canva

This is my favourite season to self-reflect and to make sure that I am still in touch with who I am and doing a lot of check in with who I am and where I am headed. And I usually do that subtly by journaling more or by going on more solo dates with myself wearing my favourite outfit. All I am saying is treat yourself with love and grace during the wintertime!

I have reached the end of the blog and I do hope you liked my favourite parts of winter and hope they are your favourites too! Let me know in the comments what are your favourite parts about winter!

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