Get ready to start
Get ready to start

Get ready to start

By Lindiwe

Hey guys, I’m finally back from a long two weeks of online tests and I must say being back feels great!

I have been thinking lately about starting a new journey and take up something that might have better and stronger opportunities for me; and I told myself to just start. That’s what matters to just start right?

Often times we are told to follow our dreams and ambitions and it all sounds to easy on the surface, especially when you face challenges like money constrains, the environment you’re in doesn’t allow for your content creation and also time.
That’s what I’ve been facing, and it has been very demotivating and sometimes I want to throw it all away.

But then I remember why I wanted to start, why it occupied my mind so much that I wanted to start.

Purpose. When you start you must have purpose, purpose of what you want for yourself, purpose of where you’d love to see yourself in 5 years. Being insightful of your underlying purpose can help you out of situations where you’d feel like just dropping everything because of the challenges you’ll face.

Patience. Be patient. When you decide to go towards your goals remember that everything takes time and everything will happen in due time.

Believing that it will all align. Your efforts will align with your goal as time goes by, you will see that your constant and consistent efforts will align all you’ve planned and that’s the beauty of it all.
When things get tougher, remember why you started. This is a process, and there will be challenges that you’d need to overcome it’s okay to feel demotivated but always remember why you started.

If you’re reading this and you have been thinking of an idea but didn’t know how to execute it? Do your research, find the purpose of why doing this will mean a lot to you and start going towards your goals.

We’re all capable and all will come together in it’s own time.

Til next time! Keep well!


  1. Roberta

    This moved me! i have been longing to engage myself in the art of writing and other plans too but there’s this procrastination and doubt within me. But jonga, after reading this i m starting. Thank You Lindi

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