Importance of unpacking
Importance of unpacking

Importance of unpacking

The importance of unpacking – By Lindiwe

We often hear that communication is key to solving all corners our lives and helping us strength our relations with people as we always need to be honest and upfront with our feelings and intentions.

And this is something I have been struggling with for most times in my life, being upfront – being intentional.

I’ve always felt as if being too open with people and being too truthful will open room for vulnerability and that can be used against me. I had ruined too many relations because I had always distanced myself to avoid feeling as though I’m over relying on anybody to help me with my true feelings of what may have been happening in my life then. I did not see the need to speak or effectively communicate.

Well until I met my current partner and right there and then I discovered a new world of what it is to understand and to be understood. I must say I didn’t know how to not fight with my words and actions when I had been wronged, I did not know how to keep calm even in commotion.

I realised that I had to realise one thing, that distancing myself in attempt to fix my life and not bother anybody with my problems made me feel frustrated and even more lonely than ever before.

Communication and apprehension have been the biggest priority in my life ever since I realised that if I want to keep moving in my life and to keep the beautiful people in my life I had to keep that going by constantly sharing what I want to share with them and also understanding then when they have things to tell me.

There’s progression in being calm and being able to speak to yourself about your life and other people. There’s progressing in knowing that isolating yourself would only make it feel better for a while but not in the long run.

We as humans need each other, listen to other people and be intentional and most importantly know that you do not have to go through this life thing alone.
Til next time, Keep Well!


  1. I’m so happy you relate. I hope we both get to a point in our lives where we don’t feel this type of constriction any longer.

    Definitely, and taking it easy helps as well.💛

  2. I can relate with so much you said in this post sis. I too am like you. I tend to hold back and keep from dealing with things up front when something doesn’t sit well with me.

    It’s definitely all a learning curve. And being surrounded by people who truly care for you helps make the journey of being more open easier.

  3. I agree! isolating oneself will only be bad for our mental and emotional health. Good communication is key in every relationship including your relationship with yourself! Love this post!

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