By Lindiwe

I had a nostalgic feeling the other day when I was looking at Converse Online and it reminded about a part of my life where I felt I was at my happiest, where I felt most at peace and those are the moments that I will forever cherish. Times where all I did was wear my favourite Converse shoes with a comfortable outfit while doing what I love.

Sometimes you realise just how life passes us by. I am guilty of constantly living in my head. I live life on the move without realising just how much of it I am really losing along the way. Especially in the last three years and I really didn’t think it was a problem until I realised just how much I don’t remember of my life in the past three years.

Why is it that when I think about these years, I feel nothing? There’s no song that reminds me of the precious time. Why is there no piece of clothing that reminds me of a time that was okay?

And that brought me to introspecting on what I can do to make my life more memorable as before an this put me on a quest to find out what can I do to feel more alive and live in the morning.

This brought me back to wanting to be more intentional about myself and my space and who I also allow in my space. I want to account to every moment in my life and what I want to achieve in my life and how I can reach the level of satisfaction, and that means spending more time with myself or other people in my life.

Recently I have been more intentional about going outside and that have been the best mood booster and that allows me more time to reconnect with myself, to find things that have made me happy and doing them again so I can feel happier again. While being outside I also realised the importance of being present in what I want to do with my time and environments I want to be a part of now and in the future.

On the topic of being outside more often, I have found peace in the void. I think a part of not being fully present in what you want to do is the fact that sometimes and it’s a void that you cannot necessarily shake off and for months I could not shake off the void, the inadequacy, and the feelings of depression and to admit that did take so much away from me and I would like to never experience that for a while. I want to be intentional and present.
And if you like me, someone who holds on to feelings of nostalgia and feeling connected to a memory means a lot to you and you have not experienced that in a long time because of your mental health and feelings of void, it’s okay.

Sometimes I feel like I say that we are going to be okay way more than I should but we are going to be okay and one day we will look towards to the sky and realise just how much work we have put into ourselves and how much we have poured into ourselves so we can face the world. We will feel once again, and it will so be so glorious.

Till next time!