Love Again
Love Again

Love Again

By Lindiwe

It’s been a few long weeks, I have lost count of the days and each day is just the same as yesterday.

It’s been a few good weeks since I had promised myself to be consistent at blogging and practice my writing skills and surprisingly since I had made that decision, I have been more at ease. I can channel my thoughts better and that gives me more space to now focus on aspects of my life better, self improve and tell you guys exactly how I have been doing just that!
And I just thought that today I can cover how exactly I’ve learned to love, forgive and love myself AGAIN.

This hasn’t been easy for me personally because everytime I tried to be consist through it all, I’d fall in and out of feeding myself with negative thoughts, toxic habits, wallowing in self pity, and just being all I wanted to stop being.

But ever since I started unpacking on this platform, the support and love I have received has been amazing. And it hit me that I should start showing this love I’m getting from most of you to myself, and I’m doing well.
I started affirmations in the morning, such as:

  • My life is full of abundance
  • My actions bring me closer to abundance
  • I experience gratitude for everything I have in my life

  • I then started a routine, this is actually ideal when you’re battling with a mental illness, a morning routine. I have been doing this for a week and I feel very great. Waking up, stretching, drinking water, do yoga, eat then get into some work can help improve your self esteem and automatically make you feel better than when I just jumped on social media right after I’ve woken up.

  • I started showing myself love and respect, and I affirm myself that I am beautiful, smart, enough, vibrant, talented, full of life. The love and support you show yourself is very important for yourself, say it over and over again until it’s second nature for you to think like that. Be kind to your mind,body and soul.

  • Forgiveness, forgiving yourself and letting go. Let go of all of the regrets and forgive yourself for all the times you have disappointed yourself, you’ve let down yourself, you’ve looked down on yourself. Yes it has happened but dwelling on it does not help you, it pulls you down, it weighs down on your soul. Let go, start over, feel free again – feel again. You deserve to live with no regrets, we’ll be given a chance again.
    These have helped and I hope that they can help anybody who needed to hear this.
    You are enough, you are gold, you are love.
    Til next time! Keep well!


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