How things change
How things change

How things change

By Lindiwe

Hi guys, I would like to start off by saying happy new year and I hope you’ve had easy and kind days since the year has started.

This year I have been challenging myself to start doing different, dare myself and start doings things differently and as always, I start off with my wardrobe as it helps me figure out the state of mind that I am currently in. So, I started adding more clothes that can brighten my mood and some Swimwear Online into my wardrobe and Swimwear is now my obsession I hardly go out swimming and it’s been something I have been trying to do so often now.

But how are you friend? Because I can tell you a whole lot has happened to me since we last spoke. The good, the bad and most importantly in all of that I also realised how much things really change and that always shocks me on how things can just change in a matter of days, weeks, months, and years.
Since the last few times we spoke I have been trying to figure out how to live, heal and most importantly try again and I have seen significant changes to how I have been viewing life and everything that has been happening around me.

I have been more attentive of the way that I feel with myself and other people and that has made me appreciate life and myself more. I now appreciate the times that I told myself to try even when I could not try to be present, and I was okay with just trying to be there.
I think for the first time I always told myself that it will not always be like this, and it gets better, and I hope it gets better than this. And I know friend that maybe you are not okay now and that is okay, it’s okay to feel everything that you must feel, it’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to feel alone.

But if there is one thing that I can guarantee you is that it does get better, it will always hurt but it will get better, the skies will look prettier, the air will be lighter but eventually there will be a smile on your face.

I didn’t want to say much, I just wanted to that we are going to be okay.

Thank you, take care!🌸✨