Understanding, grace & growth
Understanding, grace & growth

Understanding, grace & growth

By Lindiwe

Hi guys, I hope you are all well, we are entering a new season and once again a new season means new blessings, new challenges, and a whole load of abundance, I wish you all the best in the new season. May you take on new hobbies, meet new people or allow yourself new experiences.🪴

I have been working to adjusting to new season, introducing new habits and new meditations, getting new clothes, sweats, and new jeans to buy now that are cute and comfortable, I love a good denim and just being comfortable during the winter.

But today’s topic is about understanding, grace & growth, and this is inspired by a YouTube channel that I watch often. I found myself going through a lot of growth over the past few months. As my regular readers know when the highs are high for me, and the lows are also at their lowest and I am finally okay with that as difficult as it is.

My reasoning behind that is we all know that life is not easy and for me personally life has been life’ing at its peak and I no longer want to hide that, and I now no longer want to pretend like I have it all together, however I also want to make sure that I experience the best out of every situation whenever I can and at the best possible way.

I did not have this outlook out of life until recently, and there was a lot that pushed me to this point including the challenges that have also led me to this point. I know there are a lot of life pressures that push us to constantly to want us to be perfect to get through them and that should not be the case and to be honest you do not have to be perfect or act like you have it all together to get through anything in your life, because instead that puts you in a weird situation and all of a sudden you are afraid to let people in or ask for help because you’d like to be seen as somebody who has it all together.

There is so much grace in being honest to yourself about yourself and the circumstances that leads you in all directions of life, there is grace in being honest because you allow yourself to be whole with yourself and be more self- aware and know what you are capable of and that allows you to explore about how you can attract more blessings in your life or fix certain situations you are no longer happy with.

Recently I have been feeling closer to God and His power to make it all okay and believe in that promise and the bible verse that has kept be going was Isaiah 41:10 which speaks of God asking us not to be afraid and that we should lean into his promises and for us to trust in Him in any situation we find ourselves in, and that provided clarity for me in the fact that I no longer have to suffer alone, I have God and I have the people in my life who can help with me get through the most difficult paths that I have to go through. There is so much certainty in knowing that you are protected and guided enough to get through even the most stressful periods in your life. And that is where the rose who grew from the concrete is created, within you and only for you.

When you realise that you have the strength to get through even when you feel worn out, when you feel outcasted, when you feel overwhelmed or when you feel like the route you are taking in your life is not really yours to take, you have time to start over and be who you are and feel how you want and finally be stable in your life.

Listen to yourself, listen to the voice of God, listen to the universe because our intuition get’s us through life. Our perspective gets us through the cracks of life. So, from this point going forward I wish you growth, I wish you all good and I pray that you understand all the seasons in your life and an open and clear mind on how to deal with all the favourable and unfavourable that occur even when we want favourable all the time. I wish you a clear path to finally mark your journey to success.

And that is it from me! Til next time, take care!🪴🤍

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