Looking on the bright side
Looking on the bright side

Looking on the bright side

By Lindiwe


And we meet again, when the weather is warmer, and life is looking just a little bit better. As you all know that spring/summer is my favourite season and I get to reconnect with my loved ones, explore with my fashion sense, I have been looking into trying out new dress styles, shorts and crop tops to buy now.

With all that said, how are you? I wanted this blog to be a check in, how are you really doing? Because friend, there’s a lot I would like to offload and tell you since we last spoke.

So where do I begin? Remember the times they told us that things usually get better eventually? Yes, that is the period of my life I am currently in and to be honest I appreciate this season, but I also feel a bit lost. I feel as though I am not deserving of this little glimpse of happiness and love that I am currently getting now, and I always must remind myself to continue to be kind to myself and the thoughts I have about myself.

I wanted to check in with you guys, so I don’t feel as though I am self-destructing because honestly it feels like I am. I have been so used to being in spaces where I constantly to be on the lookout and to hide and guide my feelings to avoid expectations and disappointments.

And now that I shouldn’t do that, I won’t lie I don’t know how to act but this feeling is strange and freeing because I don’t know a feeling like this. I have always said that I want to be happy, and happiness knocked at my door and gave me exactly what I wanted, and I don’t know how to act? Sounds like I really don’t know what I really want.
This made me think harder about intention and what you can expect from those intentions.

In my case, I prayed and never really expected the prayer to come to fruition and I was disappointed in myself for that because I always speak of intention, so this is the thing I did to stop the cycle of self-destruction and that is working through the negative emotions, It’s so easy for negative emotions to take over the moment you have been waiting for so long and it is not easy working through them either.

And it is okay to feel like the negative emotions are taking over, but realising that feelings aren’t facts it will be easy for you to take note of what you are feeling and accept the negative thoughts for a minute but do not allow yourself to be consumed by the negative thoughts. You can however allow yourself time to feel these emotions.

I have noticed that I do not give myself time to work through the negative emotions and that is not fair on myself and the progress I am trying to make in my life at the moment, so I allow myself about a day to feel everything I need to feel, journal through the feelings, have a moment to myself and at the end of the day let all of those emotions go.

I also like to reassure myself, and I am making it part of my self-care ritual, to re-assure myself that I am deserving, because the good things that are coming my way now? I deserve that and I deserve everything good that is coming my way.

My last message to you and myself is that everything will be okay, and we will be okay, we will overcome the hurdles, and we will get everything good.

Let’s enjoy this new season.

Take care, til next time!🌸

picture: pexels.com