10 Steps to Prioritising your Mental Health
10 Steps to Prioritising your Mental Health

10 Steps to Prioritising your Mental Health

by Lindiwe

Our mental health is the most important part of our being, it keeps us present in our daily lives and helps keep our emotions and feelings in check.

But what happens when you don’t usually check on yourself, your mental health, and your feelings? You are more likely to act out of character, setting boundaries will be more difficult and you will lack self-awareness.

And that is where taking care of your mental health and as well you’re prioritising it comes to play. We usually talk about this practise but how does one take care of themselves and their mental health?

  • Establish Boundaries – Every now and again we need to be clear about what we want for ourselves and as well as how we would like other people to love and respect us and that is important because you need to know here you stand with yourself or the people around you to make decisions.
  • Indulge in self-care – Take care of yourself, look after yourself, be kinder to yourself, feed your soul and free your mind. You can do this by watching your favourite series after a long day, doing your skincare routine, cooking yourself your favourite food, taking walks after a long day, or having a lively conversation with your loved ones.
  • Journal at least four times a week – Journaling can be the best way to track your feelings and a good release for when you feel as though you do not have anybody to talk to. Journaling is a form of meditation and it can help regulate your thoughts and how much you bottle up inside. You can journal about your day, your feelings, your gratitude, and your daily affirmations. Be kind and honest with yourself when you do this.
  • Introspect for self-awareness – Introspection can be very difficult because there will be many things that you will realise about yourself and how you played a part in some situations in your life playing out and that is okay, focus on the positive realisations about yourself and forgive yourself for the negative realisations, we are all humans, we will make mistakes but now that you are here reading this article means you want to fix those mistakes. Do daily affirmations to help you deal with the truth that comes with introspection.
  • Surround yourself with people who make you happy – This is very important, who we surround ourselves with plays a huge part in our self-discovery, because the people you surround yourself with should mirror your mindset. Choose people who love you as much as you love them, choose people who care and want to be there.
  • Be kinder yourself – I have been echoing the words “be kind” and I really mean it, you should show yourself the gentlest love before you give it to others, be softer to yourself, spoil yourself, talk to yourself with kindness.
  • Meditation – Calm your thoughts and meditation can be your best bet, you need to find a quiet position, sit in a comfortable position, take deep breaths, and focus on your breathing, and quieten your mind – this technique needs practice, you will get the hang of it with each practice.
  • Take time off Social media – Social media breaks are so important to your mental health as you will experience a world that is more calm and subtle, reading other people’s thoughts for hours on end can be very daunting and you are most likely to be triggered on social media, give yourself a break where you experience your own world, listen to your own thoughts, and reconnect with yourself.
  • Do not feel guilty for choosing yourself – We usually do feel guilty for choosing ourselves because we are no longer allowing people to take advantage of us, or people no longer overstepping our boundaries and that is okay, but the fact that you decided to enforce those boundaries showed that you wanted change and people may make you feel bad for that  but always remember why you did this in the first place.
  • See a therapist – This is always my best advice because it has worked for me and having somebody to talk can do wonders to your mental health and self-awareness, and it can help you realise the parts of your life where you need to enforce boundaries, therapy is healing if you allow it and work through your emotions. 

And that is all from me, please remember to put yourself first, love freely and wholeheartedly, spend time with yourself, feel those feelings, tell the people around you that you love them and just live.

Take Care!