How I want to reset in 2022
How I want to reset in 2022

How I want to reset in 2022

By Lindiwe

It’s a new year and I am looking forward to new opportunities and challenges, the new experiences, and the amazing new people I am going to come across.

I want to be more comfortable in my body new year, buying new things and being more comfortable in the clothes that I buy, I am currently obsessed the leggings I buy now and loungewear because I am always working from home, so I always want to look cute.

I want to change my environments more this year so that I experience more and explore more places. I love how you can potentially rediscover yourself in some places and that is what is what I want to achieve this year, discovery and finding parts of myself that I lost.

I want to socialise more. Meet up with friends and make sure that I show up for the people the people that I love and want to share life with.

Listening to myself more this year is my biggest purpose for this year, and I want to prioritize that more so that I can make better decisions that I make and be more conscious and intentional about them.

Listening to myself more can help me doubt myself less because I can be in more control of what I need to be aware of and focus more on the things I can control and change

My goal setting intentions – I promised myself to be more open to goal setting this year, in the past I have been always so scared to open myself up to challenging myself because I was always so scared to fail and I feel like I am over that now and I want to challenge myself with small goals that I can achieve at my own pace throughout and if I do not get to that because life got the better of me that is also okay, the most important thing is to try.

And that is it from me, I am wishing a prosperous new year and I hope we achieve all can this year and try again no matter how difficult it is, what matters is that you tried and to me that matters – you are seen, you are important, and your efforts are glorious.

Take Care!🪴🤍

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  1. Thapelo Ramahlo

    Hi Lindiwe.
    I hope you are well and enjoying your day.

    My name is Thapelo, I was referred by a mutual friend of ours, Tamika. And I wanted to commend you on the hard work and efforts you do. Writing about yourself is one of the hardest things to do.

    I have read you articles and your work resonates with me and your viewers because I believe it gives me a better understanding of how to vent my thoughts out and feel comfortable under my own skin.

    For that I thank you.
    All the best with you endeavours.

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