Finding a New Style this summer
Finding a New Style this summer

Finding a New Style this summer

By Lindiwe

Hi guys

I finally have more time to myself lately because I am done with my commitments and I am using all this time to invest back into my looks and look a little bit different this summer. You guys know that summer is my most favourite season so doing this will bring me closer to myself and what I like.

I have been trying to the find the best makeover look for me this entire year I have been trying new hairstyles and new wardrobe suggestions and I really haven’t found any that I have settled with yet, I am still finding my feet, so at the moment I am looking for a look that makes me feel so much better for the season of life that I am currently in and because I am more calm and relaxed at this moment , I’m looking for more neutral clothing or light coloured clothing, I do not know the science behind that but I just want some warm tones and lighter clothing and that is where I am headed this summer.

I have been eyeing a few items since this month started because of the Black Friday Deals at Superbalist and this is my Black Friday Wishlist:

New Blue Light Glasses

Well, this is not necessarily a style change, but I do want to change my blue light glasses from the clear ones that I have currently, I spend a lot of time on my laptop, and I want to look cute doing that and this will most definitely make me feel cute.

Premium Mid Hoop – Gold Plated Tube

I love how these earrings usually go with most outfits that you can try, you can put them on with a lovely dress or just a cute jeans and white t-shirt combo, anything goes I need them!

Rex Double Buckle Slides


I must admit dresses have me in a complete chokehold especially the past few months, and this season is just more reason for me to be wearing dresses everywhere I go. I might have a few dresses that I am eyeing, I think I must just go off this black Friday.


I do not own any jumpsuits and I am trying to experiment with them just a bit, I am usually told that they would suit me because I am very tall so I guess this will be great to try and keep a cool and relaxed look.

Air Max Bolt

I neeeeedddd more Nikes and these are the perfect and the perfect colour so yes, on my Wishlist we go!

Boyfriend Shirt

I need this shirt for relaxed ‘’I have got errands’’ to run trips when I am lazy to get all dressed up and I love how comfortable they are while still achieving a relaxed and cool vibe.

And this is my black Friday Wishlist and I have been eyeing these with new phone as well, I have been manifesting a better phone so I can take better pictures of the sunset and the sunrise when I can but all of that will come in due time, for now I am feeding my shopping obsession this black Friday.

And that is all from me, take care and keep well!