Taking it easy; A (part) day in my life
Taking it easy; A (part) day in my life

Taking it easy; A (part) day in my life

Hi guys🪴

I hope you guys are well and that you’re enjoying the new month, the warm weather and also trying to finish the year strong 🤍

This blog is a “taking it easy” blog where I just share what I’ve been up to feel better about the end of year fatigue and the never ending academic pressure.

So I’ve been having better weeks than my usual weeks but it’s been so much easier and I’ll always appreciate the easy and soft days and I just want to share those with you.

I decided on a Saturday morning that I just want to have a meaningful day, a day with no disturbances and deadlines, a day where I just feel okay doing nothing, and I headed over to Bryanston to have a moment to myself and take it easy and I put my best dress chile! 🥺

I tried a new restaurant with my partner in Bryanston called Rockets and my partner suggested the place and I was just keen to try something new!

I tried their pasta for the first time and I was definitely sold, their service and their turnaround time was amazing. They made us feel comfortable through and through.

Creamy Chicken Pesto from Rockets

We spent most of our time there just relaxing and we didn’t even notice where the time left and in moment of enjoying and taking everything in, we just decided to take more and more pictures!

I think I looked cute here 🤍 necklace: rubi rose

Okay that’s it from me, I just realized I didn’t do anything eventful 😂 but it was spectacular to me and I wanted to share it with you.

I hope you rest when you get the chance to, spend time with the people and in your life and remember to take in the little moments and live ❤.

Take Care!🪴