Healing? Finally
Healing? Finally

Healing? Finally

By Lindiwe

Hi friends, I hope you are well, it has been a while since we last spoke to each other, I have been enjoying the summer weather and my wardrobe is changing once again which is what I like, it is filled with dresses, shirts, and I also got a few T-shirts online as well and I have been trying new patterns and ways to express myself through clothing and patterns.

I had previously written about trusting in the process and what that can also look like for me, and I am at a point where I am ready to heal from the events that have happened this year and finally let go and finally let peace in.

I realised that we are not guaranteed that would have the answers for everything or feel certainty in every situation, and it is okay that we won’t know exactly how things are going to turn out. There is no peace in stressing about situations that you cannot control and what you can’t control you have to let go of.

This year I have been through phases that broke me, that built me and now I am in a phase that is healing me. I have realised that allowing yourself to feel and learn to love yourself through every phase of your life that can lead you to a place of being content and ready to live life again.

I have learned to take it slow, to allow it all to happen, to learn how not to internalise it. I have been allowing days to be days and nights to be nights and constantly reminding myself that the sun will shine again.
And I have realised that there are lot of ways I can make myself happy, as you know I love shopping, being with friends, painting, going out to nature and exploring all the universe has to offer.

There will be a time where I will look back and realise that it did become okay and I am okay with that and what comes with that, I will remember the times where I cried until I didn’t know what to do anymore but years from now that won’t matter, so I am allowing the days to unfold, I am allowing life to be and be what it can be.
I am always willing to take it slow and allow what is meant to be and what will find me will find me, so every day I will find peace in the fact that life will unfold, we can plan but God decides.

So, in the new year I am looking forward to healing, this year was a year for lessons, but I am trying to feel better again, I want to feel better about myself and the life that I lead. In the new year I pray for abundance, peace, and endless love.

I wish you all the best in the new year and I hope that you rest and love yourself for the remainder of the year, I hope you let healing and love find you and constantly remind yourself that life will unfold how it wants to and what you are doing is enough and what you have done is enough.
I wish you all the best festive season and take care!🌸🤍