Mind Over Matter
Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter – By Lindiwe

This is my second post on this blog and I’m excited for this conversation, it’s about how to be mindful and all I’ve learned on my journey to not stop believing in myself and what I desire.
There are times where we often feel as though we may not be doing enough to reach our goals or we not doing enough to get where we think we’re supposed to be. Now this was me, completely — Often times I would completely withdraw from reality and do as little as possible, so I wouldn’t feel bad for not being close to where I wanted , I made it okay to be inconsistent or to just not be present in my goals.
Until I practiced mindfulness and believing in myself and the things that I’ve always wanted to do. How does one practice mindfulness ? Personally, it was about self awareness and learning how to be present in moments or care about my way of being and my surroundings, it was about being committed to everything I’m doing and slowing down on all the things that made me rush my success, that meant eliminating things such as social media or social spaces that did not benefit me or what I wanted to be all about. It was a path on realising that I can not go on the way I already am.
Craving for growth and realising all your heart desires is the step of taking control, always look for opportunities to grow – to grow emotionally and mentally.
Since we all tend to backtrack on our mental and our growth, we should leave room for that to happen without us feeling bad about it but noticing the times you feel otherwise and working towards getting out of that state of mind.
And remember to breathe right? Always pay attention to your breathing and doing a bit of exercises to help you keep calm and see things in a better light to help you keep your mind in the present, without it wandering around the past or the unexpected future.
And I’ll close it off by reminding us to keep a time schedule where we allocate enough time to rest and focus on things that make us happy such as listening to music, reading, mindful walking, drawing, or just journaling.
Lastly I would like to say that, we should give ourselves time. We will do our best and we will make our dreams come true. Check up on your mind amd body states all the way.
That’s it from me. Until next time, Keep well!