Release all fear, spread your wings
Release all fear, spread your wings

Release all fear, spread your wings

Release all fear, spread your wings – By Lindiwe

A while ago I had written a poem about fulfillment, letting go and letting happiness find us. For many of you, you know that poems within that theme are my “go to” particularly because I still am trying to let go and let happiness find me and to be at peace.
We are somehow always held back by something from our past even without us realising it. We subconsciously allow our fears take over parts of our lives we’re not even aware of. And when we realise how much we’ve constricted ourselves is when we realise all opportunities that we let slip by because we were scared, because we did not trust ourselves enough.
I’ve been trying to unlearn the fear of the unknown and letting the unknown determine my response for the present, why should I deprive myself of an opportunity just because I do not know what the future entails? I needed to remind myself that self trust should be a big part of emotional being, everything I do needs me to trust myself and what I want to create or manifest into my everyday being.
I needed to pinpoint where was this fear coming from and what caused it, and what about it I needed to change and then write down steps on how I unlearn this. A vision board of me achieving things I never thought I would and work towards that while motivating myself daily and reminding myself that fear doesn’t win, but the person does.
That’s when the fulfilment creeps in, you feel lighter, fuller, ready to achieve more. Where you allow yourself to appreciate what you do, applauding yourself for achieving all you thought you couldn’t do.
Remember to be vulnerable with yourself and trust your instincts, know when you are trusting your instinct and when you are just scared to take up an opportunity.
In esssence, there wasn’t much I wanted to say on this post – it was a reminder to myself and maybe to yourself that we are so much more, we deserve so much more and we can achieve so much. Don’t limit yourself, never limit what you can do, don’t let fear take over.
This is it from me. Til next time, keep well!

The poem I wrote a while ago about letting go and letting love find us

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