Raveena’s Soft Magic
Raveena’s Soft Magic

Raveena’s Soft Magic

Ravenna’s Soft Magic – By Lindiwe

This is my first blog post and I am so happy to present my first music review, and for the next weeks to come I’ll be doing more reviews, poetry, poetry book reviews and content on social media.

So let’s get to it! Yes,Raveena’s soft magic. It’s interesting that I got to know Raveena through her Colors performance on YouTube which has over 4 million views currently and that is totally well deserved. She wowed me with the passion in her voice, and her intention for love and softness.
I have been listening to her music, her latest music being the Moonstone EP (check it out, and I’ll review it later 😉 ) and I’ll start by reviewing the Shanti EP, the EP that EP about love, heartbreak, one’s intentions.
The EP has one of her biggest songs which was performed on the colours show “If Only” she swept me on my feet about how she’s getting over her lover and how it’s too late to make amends she has moved on, amazing contrast to the “Wherever U Go” song where she speaks about attachment to her lover and whatever they go she’ll definitely be there.
Shanti is about love, the good sides of love, the “I’m so whipped” love and the “I’m in love with you but I’m also letting you go” love, which is a true reality to many people seeking or harboring love. We all sometimes long for love to be our safe place for as long as it can, to keep us away from the darkness and keep our hearts warm, but knowing the possibility that it can all end when least expected.
In Raveena’s Shanti EP this is the reality and mood that she takes us through, the thrill, the sadness, the shattered emotions but all in softness. There is a lot of relatability and everyone can have their own beautiful interpretation of it all, and in essence I’ve learned that love is amazing, fruitful and abundant and that everybody deserves some love whenever, wherever.
I will be reviewing an album next week, maybe the Moonstone EP by Raveena? I don’t know but you can hit me up on Instagram and suggest an album or EP that would like me to review (handle: @lindiwe.e) until next time, keep well!


  1. Vukosi

    i just want to say i loooooove😭❤️ thank you for this beautiful space and i’m looking forward to more amazing words by Lindi 😁💃🏾

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