Rose In The Dark
Rose In The Dark

Rose In The Dark

Rose in The Dark – By Lindiwe
This review about Cleo Sol’s new release “A Rose In The Dark” that excited her fans including myself late March.
I personally discovered Cleo on the Colors show when she performed her EP(Winter Songs) top charter “Why Don’t You?” in 2017 and right there and then I was blown away.
Cleo always wows her fans with an 80s/90s aesthetic that follows in her music to the way that she dresses. She is known for her contemporary songs/acoustic songs that fall in the contemporary RnB and Neo Soul music genre.

Moving to her first ever album — “Rose In The Dark”, It’s safe to say that sis delivered hey! After her singles last year that also did well on YouTube, “Sweet Blue ” & “One” , I’d love to share that this album was definitely worth a listen.

This is mostly because of the way she kept on delivering very important and sentimental messages throughout the entire in the album and the acoustic feel complemented the entire purpose in the album, and I couldn’t be more happier.
To my favourite song in the album ” Butterfly”, the message conveyed in the song is that we should always keep the faith even though things don’t always in our favour and to never give up on ourselves and our dreams.

That message right there exactly what some of us should remember and keep to ourselves for as long as we possibly can, that even though things don’t go in your favour whenever you want them to, keep within faith and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and faith is what will keep us growin, eventually the dreams will unfold right there and then.
And “Butterfly” Cleo Sol’s album is my new favourite piece of music and if you have heard the album before, let me know which song spoke to you and why. If you haven’t listened to the album, what on earth on are you waiting for!??

For my next review I’ve got in mind another up and coming vocalist and I’m so excited for this one.
Keep tuned. til next time, keep well!


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