Self Doubt and Losing Direction
Self Doubt and Losing Direction

Self Doubt and Losing Direction

Greetings and welcome to other one of my blog posts after going MIA for a few weeks (It’s been a nightmare!) , but that brings me to this conversation — self doubt and losing direction.
I have been battling with this for a while now and it’s something that has affected me in many ways.

This limits your capabilities, it impacts your mental health and you just don’t trust yourself the way you are supposed to any longer.
I must say that I experience self doubt and imposter syndrome simultaneously and I never really believe that I can own that sense of greatness in me. I sometimes don’t believe it’s my work that I write. And for a while I have let it consume me, and sometimes it still does.
That’s where the sense of lost direction just comes into a place, ugh this is a lot now isn’t it? It is, it’s even more overwhelming when you want to do something or you want to follow a certain path but yet the process escapes you.
Now, this is why I’m always in and out of reach with my art creation. Self doubt that in the process makes me lose the path I set myself on. This is the nightmare.
I have googled so many ways to get over this and I haven’t found anything that has worked for me using that platform. So right there and then I made a few adjustments in my life and the way I do things that can help me with this situation and I hope that they can work for you too.

  1. Journaling – I use this as a coping tool, it gives me freedom to express myself without feeling like I’ll be judged, it gives me freedom to be myself and be in touch with my genuine self.
  2. Meditating – I use this to tap into my connection with the universe and to get my mind to be as still as I possibly can and reminding myself that I can be all I want whenever I need to be.
  3. Doing tasks that can make me feel good about myself: better known as self care. Reading books, listening to loud music, dancing freely, take long baths, check up on friends, watch series. All that is rewarding to myself, an instant mood lifter.
    But at the end of day we should look into ourselves, and remind ourselves that we can achieve all we can if we can put our mind to it. I’ve been trying to do that, to remind myself that I’m worthy of all I’ve achieved and all I can still achieve.
    I want to turn this self doubt to self confidence, it’s been and it’s still going to be a difficult journey, but I believe it can still happen.
    Thank you for reading. If you’d love to share some tips on how we can get over this please reach out on my instagram or twitter.
    Til next time, take care!


  1. In addition to your top-notch tips, I would suggest essential oils to affect moods of self-doubt. With the recent loss of my heart and soul dog, I began to slide toward depression then began diffusing various single and combination oils. The results have been remarkable. Thank you for swinging by the “Ranch” and for the follow. We 💙 visitors. Best wishes as you move away from negative emotions.

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