State of softness
State of softness

State of softness

By Lindiwe

It’s been a few years since I’ve had realizations that have shifted my perspective and made me realise why my life was always so stagnant.

I’ve been battling with low self esteem for most of my life and it has been a difficult journey. It has seemed as though everything was just a lot, and I had seem to condition myself that being on myself had to be the only way I could move forward. I would only do things to distract myself from the awful thoughts of not being enough and trying to be something I’m not.

And also as you know this DOES lead to a whole lot of unhappiness?

That’s exactly what happened. Constant self doubt, constant self harm to my mental health. This lasted for years and towards the rest of the years it all got unbearable.
And that’s where I realised that I needed to change because it was hindering my progress and after a few consultations with myself I realised that the real problem lied in the way I had spoken to myself and about myself. It all started with how I had spoken to myself, the way I touched myself, the way I looked at myself.

The real secret was being mindful, affirmation, and choosing yourself each day. That’s the secret.

Being mindful of not putting yourself down staying positive and constantly appreciating yourself and your achievements. Always setting your goals on what you’ve achieved and still want to achieve.

Telling yourself that you CAN AND YOU WILL. Telling yourself that you are wholesome, that you are and you will be all you want to be.

Choosing yourself
Choose yourself, choose yourself over and over again. Make the conscious decision to show yourself love everyday. Go on dates with yourself, do things that affirm you – that relax you.
I’ve been doing all of this for a while now and it’s been beautiful, days have been easier. I’m yet to have such beautiful moments with myself.
Til next time! Keep Well!


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