Taking Care Through the Summer
Taking Care Through the Summer

Taking Care Through the Summer

By Lindiwe

Spring and Summer are undoubtably my best seasons in every way and I bet you know that by now, it is the season of wins, of reconciliations, of love and ultimate joy.

I feel as though I just look after myself way better in the summer, I go overboard with the online shopping looking for my favourite sun dresses, my skin just instantly pops, and my hair just wants to shine.

Usually, my experience with the sun is a personal one, the sun knows my joys, it knows my sadness, but it knows who I really am and that is why I like to turn my face my face towards the sun ever so often because often I am grateful to feel like I am blooming again, and I feel like me once again. It’s always such a blessing to feel brand new and to feel reborn, with an opportunity to try again.

Today I want us to touch on “taking care of yourself through the summer” and initially I just wanted to name steps on what you can do to take care of yourself, but I want touch on how to feel good through the summer.

In South Africa summer starts at the end of the year and usually people feel some sort of ‘year-end fatigue’ as we may always call it where we usually experience burn-out, extreme fatigue, unwillingness to try or feeling like you are on your last stretch and that is what I want to touch on this blog post, so here are a few tips to make you feel just a little better!

Give yourself a break every chance you can

I always preach this and that is because I am the biggest preacher of self-care and when you feel yourself burning out, give yourself time to take a breather, listen to your favourite music, schedule hours off your schedule and just give yourself time. Too often we do not give each other time to think, breathe and feel and I think it’s time you did that, its time to breathe.

Treat yourself to whatever makes you happy

Your happiness is what keeps you grounded so you should always look to make yourself happy, and content and my favourite way of making myself happy is going crazy with the online shopping and just wanting to feel good through clothes and you can do the same. You can write down what makes you happy, even the little things – those insignificant things that make you smile, do them and make yourself so happy

Taking a break from social media

Taking a few hours, days or a few weeks from social media can help you feel lighter and feel more and present in your daily life because you are no longer internalizing other people’s thoughts subconsciously and that can help you feel less pre-occupied and feel more rejuvenated.

Eat healthy and drink a lot of water

This one is quite self-explanatory because we have heard it all our lives, but I just want to remind you that eating healthy, taking your vitamins, being in the sun and drinking 8 glasses of water can make you feel better, take it from and me and I just know you know it to so – do it

Socialise whenever you get the chance to

Letting loose and talking to people who are willing to support you and listen to you is such a joy and a blessing and that is why I just say – speak, speaking to someone about anything makes you feel better, it is so amazing what a good laugh and a good conversation can do for you in the present moment.

Get enough sleep

My favourite one! Getting enough rest can help you achieve more during the day so that you are able to have more time doing what you want in your free time. Feeling refreshed and well-rested is the best way to start being motivated and achieve more and look forward to what is about to come in your life.

It is possible to end your year strong and enjoy the now and the present and want to try again in the next year, do what makes you comfortable this summer and what makes you feel alive. All the best wishes from me and let us have the best summer the best way we know how, enjoy the sun, appreciate the people around and always do the best you can.

Take Care!🧡🌅