What if it all works out just fine?
What if it all works out just fine?

What if it all works out just fine?

By Lindiwe

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Hi guys, welcome to this week’s blog and today we’re exploring the option “what if it all works out just fine?”

This thought came to me today after going over the progress I’ve made with this blog, in my work career and my academic life and I realised that hey… things did just work out just fine.

And that makes you think of all of the times you doubted your journey because you felt as though you were not being guided enough or that you don’t feel like you’re enough for the journey that you are embarking on.

In our daily lives we feel a lot of emotions and sometimes we may project, doubt ourselves or feel like we are not worthy of the things that we achieve and chile, I need us to get out of that!

I need us to realise that we are deserving, we are so worthy, we are so worthy of the blessings that God provides us, we are worthy of all the good things that happen to us.

So, “what if it all works out just fine?” , what if we stop worrying about things out of our control? What if all our hearts desires are already taken of? And all we can do is focus on the now and work as smart and hard as we can?

I’ve said this before and I think I’ll say it again, it’s so easy to get distracted and consumed in self doubt and feeling inadequate and forgetting to be present in your journey and enjoy it, enjoying your progress will help keep you motivated and it helps you think clearly of how you’d like this journey to improve you in every aspect of your life.

To keep yourself present, grateful and secured you can journal your feelings and thoughts on your journey, you must journal all of your positive thoughts and negative feelings, keeping in mind that your negative feelings are not facts but still very much valid. Journaling can help track your progress, but very much remind you that you’re doing just fine.

Make short term goals within your journey, this will help you keep focused and within reach of what you are able to do and know what you can achieve. You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to, never underestimate yourself.

You can use affirmations to keep you present and grounded in the moment. You can write down all your hearts desires and affirm yourself that you can do it and it is possible for you to even do it exceptionally well.

And this leads me to the end of this blog and I just want to say that, it will be okay, you will succeed and you will fulfill your hearts desires. Don’t let self-doubt and imposter syndrome convince you otherwise – you are amazing.

This is all from me! Take care🌅🧡


  1. Nondumiso

    I can’t believe I’m only reading this now. This ministered to me in so many ways. I’ve
    been doubting so many things and overthinking steps I should take but I’m honestly so encouraged to take that leap of faith now. Thank you.

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